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There are several techniques for correcting droopy eyelid (ptosis). The choice of the operation is dependent on the underlying cause. The following photos show the techniques of levator advancement in a 73 year-old man whose right vision was blocked by the droopy eyelid.


This 73 year-old man complained of poor right vision as a result of a droopy right upper eyelid. The cause was due to ageing changes that resulted in the muscle that normally open the eye to becomed detached. After discussion, the patient agreed to undergo an operation to reattach the muscle.


The operation was carried out under local anaesthesia and the patient did not experience any pain during the procedure. Before, the operation, the eyelid was marked with removable ink to indicate the site of operation. The skin was then incised to expose the underlying tissue.


During the procedure, the surgeon needs to know the different layers of the tissues so as to isolate the muscle that opens the eyelid.


Once this muscle was identified, it was reattached using a fine suture.


The above picture shows the eyelid appearance immediately at the end of the operation.



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