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The following pictures show you what to expect if you wish to undergo upper eyelid blepharoplasty ie. a procedure to remove the excess skin and fat (if excessive).


Before the surgery, the patient will be assessed for the suitability of undergoing the operation and this will include the medical history. The eyes are measured to assess the amount of skin to be removed.


Skin creases are determined and the heights are shown to the patient using a mirror. The best height is explained to the patient and this may be modified according to the wish of the patients (some prefer lower and some higher).


The skin creases and the amount of skin to be removed are marked using a marked pen which can be erased.


The patient undergoes the operation under local anaesthesia. The patient does not experience any pain. The left picture shows the removal of the excess skin. The right picture shows the excess fat is also removed.


The same procedure is repeated in the left eye. Before suturing, a final check is performed to make sure the two sides are symmetrical.


The left picture shows the same patient at the end of the operation. Some swellings are common. To prevent excess bruising and swelling, the eyes are usually patched for a few hours.


The left picture shows the eye appearance the next day with swelling. However, with the use of antibiotic and anti-inflammation cream, this usually subside rapidly. The right picture shows the eye appearance 7 days after surgery.



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